Adam Krupa

Adam was born at Lake Audy, Manitoba.

His first fiddle was worth $12.00, bought by his brother Mike.

Adam started playing by ear at age 12 and his first number was “You Are My Sunshine”.

From then on he played to every record he heard from Andy DeJarlais, Ward Allen, Don Messer, Tommy Buick and Jim Gregrash who happened to be Adam's neighbor.

Adam started his first band – a 3 piece – known as the Prairie Troubadours and played for 5 years.

Recorded as lead Fiddle under “The Trail Riders”.

Adam needed an accordion player for a wedding in Sandy Lake so he phoned Pat Lamb to fill in.

They began dating and married 2 years later.

They formed the band “Adam Krupa & Northwind” and played for many years.