Important Information

2017 Inductee Awards

The ceremonies at Canada's National Ukrainian Festival were an overwhelming success!  Hundreds of people attended the event and many visited the "Ukrainian Musicians Hall Of Fame".  7 Musicians were inducted into the Ukrainian Music Hall Of Fame during the ceremony. 


Joe Hrycyk, Mary Woloshyn, Joe Wozlowski, Lorne Zayshley, Mike Stykalo, Peter Twerdun, Canadian Nation Ukrainian festival Choir of Dauphin. 


Each musician was acknowledged for their contributions to the “Ukrainian Music Industry”.  The audience learnt all about their accomplishments; bands performed with, recordings, musical compositions that they created. 

Each inductee will receive a special show case displaying their instrument & artifacts at the Ukrainian Musician’s Hall of Fame.  As well their family received a special plaque honoring the inducted person.


Lifetime Achievement Awards

38 talented musicians were honored with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, Manitoba on August 2nd 2015.  The awards acknowledged all Musicians that have contributed 50 years of playing Ukrainian music.  Each person was acknowledged for their contribution and were presented with a prestigious award.  The inductee’s names will be placed on a master plaque.  The master plaque resides at  the “Ukrainian Musicians Hall Of Fame” located at The O’Ukraina, Selo Village at the festival site in Dauphin, Manitoba.

A big Congratulations goes out to the following recipients of this years awards: 

Gerry Krawchuk

Victor Belinsky

Alex Danylchuk

Albert Billey

Cliff Hadway

Gus Janczyszn

Victor Holobowich 

Harry Hawryshko

Sylvia Kpupka

Victor Yasinski

Freddie Chetyrbok

Charles Gargus

Joe Hrycyk

Walter Kachmar

Pat Krupa

Adam Krupa

Alex Maduck

Boris Nowosad

Dennis Nykoliation

Ted Paley

Vlad Panio

Frank Pidruchny

Paul Pododworny

Ronald Raymond

Robert Rubuliak

Bill Scherbatiuk

Betty Shewchuk

Ernie Shupenia

Nestor Shydlowsky

Bunny Sklepowich 

Myron Smuk

John Spaller 

Julian Warwaruk

Anton Toporowski

Mary Woloshyn

James Watsko

Wally Yanchycki

Joe Wozlowski


Donor Form

The UMA organization is a Non Profit Organization and is operated by a handful of dedicated volunteers.  Just like any other Non Profit or Charitable Organization UMA is gracefully accepting any donations that can be made in order to assist and maintain “The Musicians Hall of Fame”.  Becoming a Donor/partner will assist UMA in the following areas.

  1. Maintaining the Hall of Fame (purchasing displays, plaques) and facility rental costs.
  2. Developing and maintaining a Web site.
  3. Cover cost of administration (news letters, phone and office expenses)
  4.  Develop new signage and lighting for the Hall of Fame
  5. Assistance in organizing and maintaining various fund raising events

Please partner up with the UMA organization so we can all make a difference in the present and future. 

It is time for us to all become united and take a stand to honor and preserve and promote Ukrainian performers and their music.

Any graceful donations will be much appreciated and will make a difference in solidifying the future of the UMA Organization.




The legacy of our music has been passed down to our generation, we must preserve and protect it for future generations.

The Ukrainian Musicians Association (UMA) was founded as a registered non-profit organization to preserve, maintain and honor past and present musicians.  The association’s mandate also serves to provide information and resources to current active musicians who have an interest in maintaining traditional Ukrainian Music. The legacy of our music has been passed down to our generation to ensure it continues to be recognized as not only a source as not only a source of entertainment to millions of people, but to our heritage, to be maintained and not forgotten.  We must preserve and protect this legacy for future generations, which is one of the major goals of the association.

У спадок від нашої музики чином, був прийнятий до нашого покоління, ми повинні зберегти і захистити її для майбутніх поколінь.

Українські Музиканти асоціації (UMA) був заснований в якості зареєстрованого некомерційної організації збереження, підтримки технічного обслуговування і вшанувати минуле і сьогодення музикантів. Мандат Асоціації в резерви Aussi Надання інформації і ресурсів для поточних активних музикантів, які зацікавлені у збереженні традиційної української музики. У спадок від нашої музики чином, був прийнятий до нашого покоління, щоб вона продовжувала бути reconnu не тільки джерелом не тільки як джерело розваги для мільйонів людей, метою нашої спадщини, підтримувати і не забули. Ми повинні зберегти і захистити це спадщина для майбутніх поколінь, всіх, яка є одним з головних цілей асоціації.