Ted Paley

Ted (Taras) Paley was born and raised in Rosa, Manitoba living across from the Community Hall where he would sit outside and listen to Ukrainian music.  Every Saturday night there was either a wedding, social or banquet featuring a live band.  At the age of 14 he bought his first set of drums and joined his brother Ron to form a band called Bobby Everett and the Eternals, later changed to Ronnie and the Eternals and finally to The Eternals.

The band started in Southern Manitoba playing a mixture of Ukrainian and modern music.  When the Beatles stormed the hit parade, the group changed their repertoire to a more modern style to play for the younger crowds.  At the time they covered many of Manitoba's community halls, their most popular spot was close to home in St. Malo where Ted went to high school.

In 1966 after the big snow storm in April, the band dug their way out and ventured out to Thunder Bay to start their professional career which lasted 4 years playing night clubs throughout Ontario, Quebec and North Eastern States.  The group also recorded a number of singles distributed by Quality Records.  Even though the musical demands in playing in the night clubs was a softer style, there was always room for a few good Ukrainian Polkas throughout the night to vary the repertoire and delight the crowds. 

After the pro stint, he was an owner of Century 21 Recording Studios where many Ukrainian bands recorded.  He continued playing on a casual basis with the Ukrainian Oldtimers which is now going on 25 years and just as many CDs (Albums).  Ukrainian music has always been a big part of his life from the young days listening to bands across the street from his parents General Store to all the years on stage and in the recording studio.

Ted is thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the Ukrainian culture in preserving the music that his Grandfather and Great Grandfather brought to this country in 1900.  He wants to thank all the loyal fans who come out to dance and support the Ukrainian Oldtimers.  When you see a dance floor full, one could play music all night!!