Robert Rubuliak

Bob began playing the accordion during 1959, at a farm nestled seven miles east of Smokey Lake, Alberta.  At age 12, the musical relationship was like a very magical formula, whereby young man plus accordion equals sensational music.  The beautiful music coming from the borrowed twelve bass accordion, was being squeezed by a tall strapping young man and could those finger fly.  Amazingly, all self-taught.  Neighbors would often organize family events in the area, sometimes without purpose just hear Bob's accordion playing. 

After purchasing a full size accordion in 1964, Bob joined various bands in the area and began playing the lounge circuit in Edmonton.  It was during this period, where he began to perfect his accordion skill and expanded his musical library of melodies.  In 1967 Bob joined John Kinasewich and the Five Gents, a popular wedding and dance band at the time.  With this well-seasoned musical group, Bob further developed his accordion skills and perfected various dance routines like the pattern dance.  They had recorded two record albums with many spirited and touching melodies.  During 1973, Bob joined the Northern Kings Band with the professional accordion skills and Ukrainian comedy song routines in tow.  This musical flavor was further enhanced by his harmonica playing, a major hit with Cajun music.  2015 marks 42 ears with the Northern Kings Band and in 2013 Bob purchased a $13,000 accordion.  Ironically, since the first borrowed accordion, his collection totals eight accordions, of varied brands and sizes. 

Throughout the years, the Northern Kings have entertained mainly in the three western provinces, and have also achieved a milestone of entertaining in Yellowknife NWT for 25 consecutive years.  Other special entertainment events among many were, playing at the Red Barn near Edmonton and the Edmonton Jubilee Auditorium.  The Norther Kings have also toured and provided backup music for Mickey and Bunny, Stan Kaskiw, Anna Kraichy and Walter Rutka on their Alberta tours.  The band has also recorded numerous records, eight tracks, cassettes and CD's over the years.  2015 for Bob begins with three Ukrainian Malanka Gala events and as the saying goes, the white keys are on the right even after 56 years.