Myron Smuk

Myron started playing and singing Ukrainian music in July 1963 with his brother Ned's band “Red River Valley Polka Kings”.

In 1964 Victor Yasinki, a fiddler from Rosa, joined the Red River Valley Polka Kings, and they played nearly every weekend all over southern Manitoba at socials, weddings, banquets and midnight dances.

At Ukrainian wedding we played many of Interlake Polka Kings, Tommy Buick, Peter Hnatuik and Royal Polka Kings music. 

In 1990 we changed our band name to “Sincerely Yours”.

We played at Fall Suppers, Anniversaries, and Malankas.

During this time we shared playing time at Wedding with DJs.

In 2010 – 2011 Myron played with “By Request” and “Sincerely Yours”.

In 2011 Myron formed the band “Nite Winds” with Ryan Smuk, Larry Block, and Alex Danylchuk.

Myron along with Ray Black, and Melvin Senkew entertained at Senior's Homes in Vita, Steinbach, St.  |Pierre, and Beausejour. 

Myron has also translated Ukrainian songs like “E Shoomit E Hoodet” and others to English for Seniors enjoyment who do not understand Ukrainian.