The Ukrainian Oldtimers

Down to earth, knee knocking’, toe tapping, heel smoking The Ukrainian Old Timers are a group of inspired musicians that have many years of musical experience and which all have grown up during the nostalgic period.  They produce music that is very unique.   The Ukrainian old timers specialize in other music as well.  Besides entertaining at social events they are very well known as a “Ukrainian Band show” which brings them to many festivals across North America.  Their recordings are spiced with instrumentals, vocals and comedy in the special Ukrainian Old Timers flavor.

The Ukrainian Old Timers music is a musical experience that will bring you countless hours of dancing and listening pleasure.  As well, it will turn back time and let you live in the past while enjoying the present.  So let you hair down, put on your dancing shows, hang loose and let it RIP!!!  Live it up! Enjoy their music at the many live performances or purchase their music on cassette or compact disc to be enjoyed anytime.

Each member has approximately 30 years expierence in the music field for a combination of 150 years all together.  They have a total of 18 albums on the market, which include mostly original tunes that are written and composed by them.  They are now in the process of producing their 19th volume and soon will be back in the studio to start creating a new release for their fans to enjoy.

Members are


Alec Danylchuk  - Violin

Taras Paley:  Drums/Vocals

Linda Shydlowsky – Bass/Vocals

Nester Shydlowsky – Accordion/Vocals

Bill Scherbatiuk – Electric & Acoustic Guitar