Victor Yasinski

Joseph Victor Florence Houle was born on March 29, 1933.  Shortly after his birth he was sent to St. Boniface Orphanage and then later to St. Adolphe Orphanage.  At the age of 2, Bill and Lena Yasinski of Rosa, Manitoba adopted him and named him Victor Joseph Yasinski.

When Victor was 12 years old he contracted Spinal Meningitis and was ill for a while.  Victor admired his Uncle Pete Kohut's violin playing and was inspired to learn to play the violin.  By age 20, Victor was quite the violin player and decided to gather a few local musicians to form a band.  The band was called “Vic and the Boys”. 

In 1965, Victor formed a band called “Red River Valley Polka Kings”.  The band included Myron and Ned Smuk and Larry Block.  They were very well known and played at weddings, anniversaries, Midnight dances, festivals and other local celebrations in Southern Manitoba. 

Victor played the violin for over 50 years.  Unfortunately, Victor had a stroke.  Part of his physical therapy was relearning to play the violin.  This greatly assisted in his recovery.  Currently at 82, Victor is battling cancer.  He will always treasure his Ukrainian heritage and his God given talent of playing the violin.