Paul Pododworny

Paul was 16 years old when he played with first his old time dance band in the Interlake region of Manitoba where he was born and raised. Not long after, he played drums with the Interlake Polka Kings when they played their first tour of the prairie provinces in 1966. Actually, Dennis Nykoliation played violin for the band at that time, so he and Paul go a long way back.

In 1968, Paul moved to Winnipeg to study at the University of Manitoba where he met many musicians through his brother Orest, who was an accomplished Saxaphone player and music arranger in his own right. Paul played with many well known musicians - the Al Miller Band, Tommy Buick, the Gordon Pearson band and the Versatiles to name a few. His career expanded to lounge and night club bands like Tony Francis, Pat Blye and Mike Joyle. Around that period in the early 1970's, he joined Hector Bremner and the Lockport Studio Band at the Town & Country Cabaret where the band backed up entertainers from Las Vegas and New York

In 1972, Paul became the drummer for Ray St. Germain and his band and stills joins him on stage to this day whenever they play their shows. While with Ray, the band backed up some great fiddlers and violinists like Al Cherney, Stan Winestock, Marcel Meilleur, Mark Morriseau, Clint Dutiame and Sierra Noble. During this period, Paul was able to branch out and form his own jazz band in the 1983-1985 period to further broaden his musical horizons, in addition to playing with other groups like Sherrise Lawrence, the Al Andrusco Trio the Walle Larsson Jazz Band, Double Eagle and the big bands of David Jandridch, Kerry Klunner and Jimmy King.

In addition to drumming with the Dennis Nykoliation band, Paul also performs with The Marvells, the Bob Jackson Dixieland Band and several others