Gus Janczyszn

Augustine (Gus) Janczyszyn – Biography

Born in Rackham, MB in 1949.

Started in Music in grade 1 on a Tonette (potato pipe). Teacher saw potential and convinced parents to buy piano. They bought a pump organ instead for $25. Still have it today. Took a few lessons then started playing organ in Jackfish church at 8 years old.

Became teenager (13) and wanted a guitar! Bought Gibson Les Paul Jr. guitar and Fender amp from Wally Yanchycki. It’s the guitar you see on the Peter Lamb records. Dad made me take amp back as it was too loud.

Started a school band (Sandy Lake, MB) then got picked up by The Trail Riders. First wedding was at Rackham Hall at age 15. Played with them till I left home and went to Winnipeg to work.
Played with Steve Oystreck and “The Variety Five” for 14 years. Many Ukrainian weddings! One year we did 29 Ukrainian weddings alone.

Freelanced with various groups before moving to Regina in 1985. Started Regina Ramblers then Riverside. Played Regina Casino Show Lounge several times with Ron Nagel and "Polka Beat", and Polish pavilion at Mosaic for several years.

Started the very popular radio show "Polka Power" on CJTR 91.3 FM. Had many guests on the show, including Walter Ostanek 4 times. Hosted the show for 10 years but had to give it up due to work commitments.

Play accordion, guitar, bass, keyboards and fiddle. Enjoy playing and jamming whenever I can.