Bill Scherbatiuk

Bill began his musical career in Wadena Saskatchewan at a young age having been encouraged by his parents to express his plentiful musical talents. Bill and his sister Anne Pleskach have enjoyed considerable success in releasing 3 albums of Ukrainian song and instrumentals that very nicely express the musicality that they have developed after many years of being on stage together with the Mosaics. Bill is a talented musician who plays lead guitar, rhythm guitar, steel guitar and the saxophone and is a gifted vocalist in his own right.

After working with a variety of Saskatchewan bands Bill came to Winnipeg in 1967 where he joined The Winnipeg Melody Kings. They recorded an album in 1969 that was in vogue with the artists of that time. Bill moved on and played with Peter Picklyk, another well known Manitoba artist, who carved a niche in the prairie style type of Ukrainian music that has become synonymous in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Bill has been a member of the unique well known Ukrainian Old Timers band for the past 12 years and has gained considerable notoriety in the manner in which he plays the rhythm guitar along with the lead guitar " licks " thrown in.

Bill is featured on the Dennis Nykoliation band's " 22 Fiddle Classics " album and has been able to play numerous live performances with them.