Freddie Chetyrbok

Freddie was born September 16, 1945, and was the youngest child in the family.

In July 1955 after his mother's passing, to ease his loss and loneliness, Freddie began singing Kitty Wells songs “How Far is Heaven & You Are My Sunshine” in Ukrainian. These were the first songs he learned along with strumming the guitar.

With support from his dad, family members and friends, Freddie pursued his talents and within a year he was performing at concerts, talent contests, 4H, and Good Deed stage shows.  From that point on his musical career unfolded.

In 1957 he sang and played guitar at local events, variety concerts, along with air time on CKDM Dauphin.

In 1960 he entertained on Yorkton's Shamrock TV Station CKOS “Profile” program.

In 1961 he organized his first four piece band “The Intermountain Rhythm Rangers”.

In 1962 he reorganized the and renamed the band “The Rhythm Rangers”.

In 1963 with assistance from the late John Skwarok Freddie began playing cymbaly, and began composing, translating and arranging songs in Ukrainian.

In 1965 Freddie auditioned with Johnny & The Nite Liters playing cymbaly, recorded instrumental recording and recorded his first 2 songs “Prairie Hardships” and Courting Problems” at Mickey & Bunny's private studio in Winnipeg.  Freddie signed a recording contract with Eagle Recording Co.  Freddie recorded his first LP “Pub with no Beer” Freddie Chetyrbok with Johnnie & the Nite Liters at CKRC main recording studio.

In 1966 Freddie played cymbaly background music with the late Ted Komar on the CBC Radio Ukrainian narrative “The Raven”.  He also organized Freddie Chetyrbok & The Meadowlanders band & recorded a second LP  “Ukr. Comedy, Love & Instrum. Favorites.”

In 1967 Freddie recorded his 3rd LP “Freddie Chetyrbok Sings More Ukr. Comedy Songs”.

1966 to 1969 Freddie Chetyrbok & The Meadowlanders played weekly at weddings, anniversaries, socials, and festivals throughout the prairie provinces.  Annually – one week Show & dance tours were made to Boyle, Camrose & St. Paul Alberta affiliated with Dan Chomlak & CFCW Radio Station.

In 1970 Freddie joined the Original Polka Kings band for most of the year.  Starting his own band “The Parklanders 4”.

In 1971 – 2000 Freddie led “The Parklandes 4” band for 29 years.  Disbanded in 2000 Freddie continued solely in choirs and small public events.