Cliff Hadway

Cliff Hadway is a true Ukrainian musician with a strong passion for music. 

He first started playing fiddle at the age of 9 (1956) and cymbaly at the  age of 12 (1959).

Cliff's father Morris had built the cymbaly and even before all the strings had been placed on it, Cliff tuned the few strings that were already in place, and played a polka alongside his father who played the fiddle.

Clearly, right from the beginning, music played a huge role in Cliff's life making him a natural born musician.

With all this musical talent, a band was soon formed by the name of “The Country Ramblers”, playing numerous wedding and anniversaries. 

This would be Cliff's very first band that he played the cymbaly in when he was 12.

Cliff turned 16, and then he started playing the fiddle in the band. 

Playing  alongside him, were brother Ray, his father, and Danny Galay.

Throughout the 80's, the band played almost every second weekend for many wedding and anniversaries, and as time went on Cliff had decided to change the name of his band to P.T.O. “Party Time Orchestra”.

In 1944, Cliff, Don Kushman, Bill Plesh, Jim Symchych, and Syd Puchailo recorded 2 cassettes of Ukrainian music.  The first was named “The Ukrainian Tradition” and the second was “The Ukrainian Tradition Vol 11”.

Today, Cliff continues to play in Party Time Orchestra (P.T.O.) with 2 new additions.  The first being his grandson Haydn and the second being Patty Andriechuk. 

Cliff is carrying on the tradition of playing fiddle, as well as cymbaly, and having a blast doing it. 

 “56 years of Ukrainian Music”