Alex Maduck

Born 1938 and raised in Ituna, Saskatchewan, Alex started at an early age playing a violin and later found it too boring and switched to an accordion.  Alex has become a prolific Entertainer and one of Canada's Finest Accordionist.  He has been playing music well over 50 years with a variety  of Bands throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. 

Alex is an exceptionally versatile musician whose repertoire encompasses music from a wide range of Traditional Ukrainian music to the all American style Polka music.  He also doubles on Violin (matter of fact before entering a fiddle contest, Alex built a Violin, entered the contest and won first place).

He has several recordings on the market and has been featured on many other artists recording as well.

Alex loves his Accordion more then women---he LIVES---Breaths and plays his Accordion daily.

A hard working dedicated musician that has mastered his craft. 

Great Musician and might fine Entertainer.