Jerry Kowalchuk

Jerry was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan on August 29, 1946.  He grew up in the Homefield district, attended school in Ituna and later moved to Regina where he spent his adult life. 

Jerry's musical interest started when he was 4 years old.  He attended weddings with his parents and spent the entire evening sitting on the stage with the band, watching the musicians.  His job was to turn off the car batteries' power in between polkas and waltzes. 

At age 7 his parents came home with a tiny 12 bass accordion.  It was purchased for his brother, but it was Jerry who developed a passion for the instrument.  The first number that Jerry mastered was “God Save the Queen”.  Jerry was enrolled in accordion lessons in Yorkton, 50 miles from the farm, at $.50 per session.  At age 12 Jerry played his first dance, but did not get paid as the other musicians said that was his “audition”. 

Jerry played school dances and weddings at farms held in barn lofts and granaries at a wage of $5.00 per night.  When Jerry graduated from high school, he went to Regina to further his education in the computer field, but his dad kept the accordion at the farm until he graduated. 

When Jerry got his first computer job, he immediately took the bus home to get his accordion, as he already had music connections and was eager to get back to playing.  Jerry's proudest accomplishment was the polka CD he and his son produced.  In Jerry's own words: “Throughout my 42 year music career I played in many bands and for many functions, but nothing had been as rewarding as to help create this CD with my son Lacon.  This CD makes me very proud and it is my hope that it will help carry on the tradition of polka music for future generations.”

Jerry passed away suddenly on March 30, 2015 at age 68.