Art Nahayowski



Arthur Nahayowski started his musical career at an early age. It was as a child out on the family farm when he would hear the sounds of his Gido playing the violin where Art's passion for music started to take shape. Childhood memories also included his mother and her siblings playing various instruments, sharing the joyful sounds and uplifting melodies that were so common to Ukrainian music.


From the age of ten, Art was encouraged by his parents to play the violin but he was turned off by the size of its' carrying case, compared to his brother's guitar case.


In time he found his true inspiration with the drums. Encouraged and inspired by the friends that he grew up with, Art bought his first set of drums at the age of 17. Realizing his natural talent and love for music, Art knew music would become an important part of his life. He had a love for traditional Ukrainian music, as well as country and western music and rock and roll.


He began his musical career playing dances with Jimmy Arthur Ordge in 1960 at the age of 19. After meeting his wife Edna, they started their own band the Varietones and played local dances and events. For a short time, Arthur even played with his mother and her orchestra – Helen and the Rhythm Makers.


Art had the privilege of drumming for bands such as: Alex Maduck and the Polka Dots, Big Miller, Joe Hrycyk and the Starlites, Mickey and Bunny, Joyce Smith, The Rogers Brothers, Al Cherney as well as numerous other bands in Alberta. In 1986 Art joined Victor Holubowich and the Royal Lites and his love for playing continued. Art played his last show with Victor and the boys in the Spring of 2014. Art shared his love for music with his son Jeff and the legacy will live on.


He became truly alive behind the drums – his energy and his infectious smile would brighten the dance hall – he loved to see people united and uplifted. Music was his gift, which he developed and shared with us. Art was keenly aware that music was infused in almost every part of our lives – our rest, our entertainment, our learning and our worship.


In a world of diversity where values can clash – music leaps across many barriers and unites people of different cultural backgrounds. Through music, all people can come together and make the world a harmonious place.


Art was proud to be a part of the Ukrainian Music Community in Alberta.